The theory and practice of sociocracy in cooperatives

Join us on February 19, 2021 (15:00-19:15 UTC) for an online conference on sociocracy in cooperatives.


  • How does sociocracy align with co-op values and principles?
  • Implementing sociocracy in co-ops
  • How to create sociocratic co-ops from scratch or implement sociocracy in an existing co-op, including case studies
  • The Nuts & Bolts of sociocracy in co-ops, practical tips, case studies, and sharing good practice
  • How sociocracy is evolving in the co-operative context and how sociocracy is relevant to new and exciting developments in the wider co-operative and social justice world

Abbie Kempson of Unicorn Co-operative Grocers and Kate Whittle of Cooperantics will be running a 90 minute interactive workshop β€œCo-operative Sociocracy – making it work for your co-op”

Participants will explore:

  • why sociocracy is interesting for co-ops
  • practical steps for implementation – troubleshooting and pitfalls to avoid
  • adaptations for co-ops, including retaining a flat structure
  • Sociocracy as a tool within a strong co-operative culture