From conflict to co-operation

I’m delighted that the From Conflict to Co-operation series has now been updated and converted to web pages, and is accessible from People Support Co-op

From Conflict to Co-operation is a primer aimed at helping co-operative members to address conflict.  It will also be useful for any group of people trying to work together collectively. It covers both how to manage and respond to the inevitable conflicts that arise but also how to avoid unnecessary conflict caused by poor communication skills, ineffective meetings, and misunderstandings arising out of growth or unclear responsibilities.

hoot if you're a cooperator

In Chapter 1 we review different conflict resolution approaches – and we find that an assertive, co-operative approach is the most satisfactory way to deal with major conflicts, since it involves people working together to find a solution everyone will commit to. 

Chapter 2  looks at the importance of good communications skills

Chapter 3  addresses the need for effective meetings and appropriate decision making techniques

Chapter 4  reviews the management of changes caused by organisational growth and development

Chapter 5  talks about the necessity of clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the board

From Conflict to Co-operation was written by Kate Whittle and illustrated by Angela Martin. It was edited, updated and converted to web pages in early 2024. This new online version would not be available without the support of the following people and organisations, for which we are truly grateful: