Tools, games and other resources


On this page you will find links to tools we have found useful, as well as games, some of our blogs and other resources.

How to set up a Freelancers’ Co-op – a visual guide to setting up a freelancers’ co-op produced by Cooperantics in collaboration with STIR

Strategic Planning in Worker Co-ops –  some tools and tips to help you with participative strategic planning

Reviews and Appraisals – some information on options your HR team can consider

Generating and nurturing a strong co-operative culture – top tips from a series of interviews we carried out with co-operators

Understanding motivation – some theory you can apply to help motivate co-op members

Job rotation v specialisation – looking at costs and benefits of job rotation

Equal Pay – looking at different approaches to pay structures in co-ops

Principles Really Do Matter – DIY Co-op Principles audit exercise – using International Co-operative Principles to assess co-operative business performance.

7 steps to a more democratic co-op (set of posters)

Co-operative games

The A-Z of Discussion from the Woodcraft Folk – developed by the Woodcraft Folk and is based on their innovative and creative approach to discussion and decision-making

How to set up a worker co-operative by Radical Routes – latest (2015) version of this DIY guide

The Tyranny of Structurelessness – written by feminist Jo Freeman back in the 1970s about how informal structures in activist groups can allow informal and unaccountable hierarchies to develop.

The Jigsaw Game from the Co-operative College – an experiential game which helps participants to grasp the basics of how to co-operate, and includes a template for producing the jigsaw pieces

About Co-opoly  – a board game, invented and produced by co-operators in the United States, that teaches the skills that people need to work in a co-operative or a democratically-managed business such as good communication, dealing with conflict and team building.   Buy Co-opoly


Need help?

All resources on the Co-operantics website are free and we encourage “DIY”, self-help in co-ops.  However, if you would like us to facilitate a session in your organisation or deliver some training please contact us and we can discuss a price.