Meetings & decision-making


Key tools for co-operative working. To work co-operatively, we need to make our meetings as effective as they possibly can be, so that people enjoy them rather than endure them, so they take up as little time as possible and so they result in good, recorded decisions with any actions clearly delegated. The Chair or facilitator takes a lot of responsibility for this, however everyone present at the meeting has a responsibility to support the Chair and a duty to come to the meeting informed and prepared to participate. If you find that decisions are taking place in the pub or elsewhere after a meeting, something is wrong and you might want to have a go at evaluating your meeting using the evaluation tool attached below to find out why.

Our simple ‘3 tools for effective meetings’ is a good starting place to find out the essential basics.

3 tools for effective meetings

The decision making process

Different decision-making methods

Evaluating your meetings

Do’s and Don’ts for encouraging participation

Edward de Bono’s 6 thinking hats

Links to recommended sources on meetings, decision making, consensus & participation:

Seeds for Change



Need help?

All resources on the Co-operantics website are free and we encourage “DIY”, self-help in co-ops.Β  However, if you require external assistance improving your governance or legal structure, improving your meetings, or you would like us to facilitate a session in your organisation please contact us and we can discuss a price.