Communication skills


To work co-operatively is to communicate, and good communication skills are the foundation for effective co-operative working. On this page you will find an introduction to communication skills which describes good communication as the removal of ‘noise’ from a process of sending and receiving messages; how to collaborate; how gender impacts on communication; why co-operators need to be assertive and what that means; giving and receiving criticism assertively, and how messages are conveyed unconsciously through our body language.

Communication skills – a basic introduction

How to collaborate

Gender and communications – Deborah Tannen on different conversational rituals used by men and women

Are you assertive – what that means, and why it’s essential for co-operators to be assertive

Giving and receiving feedback – an essential co-operative skill

Body language – messages are conveyed by our body language

My Rights – we all have rights

10 Commandments for good listening – useful tips for effective listening


Need help?

All resources on the Co-operantics website are free and we encourage “DIY”, self-help in co-ops.Β  However, if you require external assistance developing a communication strategy, resolving communication problems, want some communication skills training or you would like us to facilitate a session in your organisation please contact us and we can discuss a price.