Compliments and complaints

Compliments and complaints – raising feedback with Co-operantics

  • Co-operantics wants to hear your views on our support, advice, guidance and materials.
  • We encourage all users of our website to contact us with feedback on our work and the content of the website.
  • We will pro-actively seek feedback on support provided to clients at the end of any piece of work.Β  We also request testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • At the start of a piece of work, Co-operantics clients will be provided with details of who to contact in the event that they are not satisfied with any aspect of advice, support or training provided by a Co-operantics worker including breaches of our Code of Conduct.
  • Any complaints will receive a written response via email.
  • Where necessary, a Co-operantics member may contact the complainant via telephone to clarify any issues.
  • Any requirement for remedial or disciplinary action arising from a complaint will be considered as an agenda item by the Board of Co-operantics.

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