Co-operative Board governance reviews and workshops

Co-operative Board governance review

  • Fractious relationships between Board members?
  • Meetings going on too long?
  • No time for strategic oversight because of constant fire-fighting?
  • A mismatch between your governance approach and the predominant culture in your co-op?

Help is at hand! Co-operantics’ Co-operative Board Governance review will help you identify the problems and blockages, take the steam out of personal issues and deliver recommendations for action based on best practice. Our approach consists of

  • research – we either observe a Board meeting or consult with Board members individually face-to-face, by phone or by skype (depending on budget or requirements)
  • workshop – a workshop with your Board examining communication, delegation and accountability, introducing the Policy Governance approach and reviewing good practice. (also available as a stand-alone service, see below)
  • report with recommendations – we provide a report identifying the key areas for development and suggesting practical steps you can take to remedy them

The service can be delivered in 2 or 3 days – contact us for a price.  No VAT to pay.

Co-operative Governance workshop

Are you a New Board member? or perhaps you’d like a refresher in good co-operative board governance?

Our one day co-operative governance could be the answer! Based on the worker co-op code of governance (can be adapted to other co-op governance codes as applicable) , this one-day workshop will discuss delegation and accountability, introduce the Policy Governance approach and review good practice.  It’s also a chance to reflect on the culture and practicalities particular your co-op and how it impacts on governance.

We will come to your organisation and deliver a half day workshop. Contact us for a price.  No VAT to pay.