Housing Co-operative Support Service

Housing co-operative support service

We understand that a housing co-op has to manage a tenant-landlord relationship with legal obligations & responsibilities while simultaneously managing relationships between members and the co-operative, and between individual members. The co-op also has to manage the physical assets and finances of the co-operative. As a result, often a number of different issues get blurred into one “problem” as if they have been chucked in a blender, which can result in confusion, contradiction, conflict or, perhaps worse still, inaction.

The aim of our housing co-op support service is to help your co-operative’s members to achieve clarity and improve the way they manage the co-operative so they can reap the mutual rewards of co-op housing.

In the past we have delivered all kinds of support to housing co-ops such as:

  • strategic planning/review sessions
  • financial planning consultancy
  • improving management systems
  • legal structure review
  • mediation and arbitration
  • improving participation
  • governance and policy review
  • writing specific policies or training in how to write them
  • member training plans
  • induction design and delivery
  • advice with technical queries (e.g. HMO legislation)

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We can come in and analyse your co-op, listen to problems you have identified, review paperwork/policies and the way you work, observe meetings. We use this process to diagnose problems and come up with workable solutions. We can also respond to problems you have identified.

We adapt our support to meet your specific requirements but we also have an indicative menu of services to give you a flavour of the sorts of support we can offer.

Our rates

We charge £400 per day (£250 half day) + travel costs for training, and consultancy is charged at £50 per hour (+ travel costs where applicable). If you would like to discuss how we can help your co-operative, please contact us.