Induction for co-operative members

The 5th Co-operative Principle, “Education, Training & Information”, serves as a useful reminder that one of the keys to success for a co-operative lies in investing in your members.  While every co-operative will have elements that are specific to your trade sector or the way that you organise work on a day to day basis, all co-ops share the same history, values and principles and philosophy as a movement.

Our co-operative induction session picks apart the fundamentals of what it means to be a co-operative and enables members to gain an understanding of how Co-operative Principles apply to their co-operative and their specific role within the co-op. Our induction is recommended as part of a new member’s personal development which should also include job-specific or technical training.  Includes:

  • What is a co-op?
  • How to be a good co-op member
  • Member job descriptions and member agreements
  • Co-op codes of governance

We can offer a bespoke session for your co-operative’s members; alternatively, if we can generate enough interest we will run an online session together with members of other co-operatives.  Contact us to let us know if you are interested to discuss your needs and to obtain a quote.