Services and training to help your co-op deal with Conflict

Counting the cost of unresolved or destructive conflict

Conflict in itself in a co-operative is not to be feared and cannot be avoided – indeed it is evidence of a wide range of skill and knowledge, of different cultures and different levels of education and life experience. It can help build that all-important co-operative ‘culture’ it can develop good workplace relationships and it can trigger creativity and inspiration.
When it is unacknowledged, unresolved or destructive however it can imply significant costs to the co-operative – both human and organisational.

For individual members:

It can mean self-doubt and insecurity, high levels of stress, absenteeism, sickness and even eventually loss of members

For the co-operative:

It will mean time wasted in grievance procedures & dealing with the outcomes; poor team-working, loss of morale, schisms & cliques all resulting in lower productivity; it will mean high member/employee turnover, with additional recruitment and training costs; and possibly even the costs of attending an employment tribunal.

So, clearly, if members have the tools and techniques for addressing the inevitable conflicts that arise, and if they understand how to avoid unnecessary conflict, there will be considerable benefits for the co-operative.

Co-operantics can provide your co-operative with the tools and techniques for cooling things down when tensions build – and we can work with you to help you build the skills you need to avoid unnecessary conflict. Skills which will help you to develop or improve:

  • Good communications
  • Fruitful meetings
  • A range of decision-making approaches underpinned by an understanding of when to use them
  • Engaging members in participative strategic planning
  • Induction of new members

You will find free hand-outs and exercises on this website to enable you to explore these issues, see links at the top of the page

Services we offer

There’s a range of ways in which Co-operantics qualified and experienced members can intervene to either help you resolve an ongoing conflict before it gets to grievance procedures, member resignations or members taking their grievance to an employment tribunal.

Getting ready to deal with conflict

  • Co-operantics Surgery (we come to you & run a lunchtime session where people can air their grievances; we then write up a quick feedback report with recommendations) £250
  • Co-operantics Briefings (2hr interactive workshop & materials) £150
  • Co-operantics Workshops (half-day workshops presenting a range of tools & techniques for dealing with the inevitable tensions that arise as well as how to avoid unnecessary disputes) £250

Dealing with instances of conflict

  • Facilitation of meetings, Mediation £50/hr
  • Consultancy support to help you manage a conflict situation or develop processes or policies to deal with conflict £50/hr

Please do get in touch if we can help!