Strategic planning and Away Days

It is healthy for a co-operative business or organisation to take a step back to review its direction, set some targets to ensure it is meeting members’ needs, plan for the next stage of growth or focus on a particularly pressing issue.  There are two ways in which Co-operantics can help:

Basic Away Day or meeting facilitation

We will help you organise and facilitate your Away Day (or perhaps a difficult meeting, where the presence of a neutral party from outside the co-operative would be helpful).  We provide support for the development of the agenda (via phone/email) and facilitation on the day.  We charge £400 per day + travel costs for this service.

Full strategic planning service

We have  significant experience of helping co-operatives to organise a fruitful and enjoyable participative strategic planning event. It’s helpful to have an unbiased outsider to facilitate the day as well as providing support for organising it and writing up any outcomes.  Let us help you plan the day, facilitate the meeting, analyse outcomes and present you with a report for action.

We can:

  • produce a questionnaire & analyse results
  • design the Away Day based on members’ input
  • facilitate the Away Day
  • analyse outcomes
  • provide a report with recommendations

Depending on the size of organisation this will usually require 2 to 3 days at our rate of £400 per day + travel costs.